How to Join

Please read the following regarding membership at Walker Baptist Church:

    1. Interest Stated. The prospective member must exhibit an interest in joining the fellowship (this can be done by the candidate or through a member). This interest should be communicated to the Pastor. The interest can be communicated through personal conversation with the pastor or during the worship service at the time of invitation, in which the prospective member will come forward and let the pastor know he/she wishes to become a member.


    1. Interview with the Pastor. The prospective member will meet with the pastor in order to confirm he/she has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This step allows the pastor the opportunity to get to know the proposed member, to discuss basic biographical information, and to discuss his/her conversion and current walk with the Lord.


    1. Membership Orientation. This orientation, led by the Pastor or other Church leader, will introduce the candidate to Walker Baptist Church, its vision, values, history, and beliefs. In the orientation, the candidate is introduced to the Church’s doctrinal statement, Church covenant, and opportunities for Christian growth and service. At the end of the orientation the candidate will be asked to affirm, as a token of his or her commitment to the Church, our Doctrinal Statement and Church Covenant.


  1. Presentation Before the Church. When all of the above steps have been completed, the prospective member will be presented to the Church for a vote of congregational affirmation.

The Walker Baptist Church Covenant can be found HERE.
The Baptist Faith & Message can be found HERE.