Current Newsletter


Church Family: Pam Aderholt, David Cooper, Avery Edge and Family, Georgia Lee Dailey, Gail Dobbs, Wayne Hardy, John King, Betty Snow, Marcia Young- Nursing Home and Homebound:  Alycia Coman, Polly Harrison – Friends: Wayne Roberts, Peter Salas, Megan and Dalton Box along with the twin girls, Barry Driggers, Jill Harkins, David Head, Toni Jordan.


You are invited to join us for Sunday School at 9:00am followed by the 10AM worship service. We are now opening the church for Prayer Service on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm in the Sancturary. We invite you to attend this service with us.  At the present time Pastor Jeff is preaching through the book of Revelation on Sunday mornings.  We still have the Sanctuary arranged for safe distance seating.

We also invite you to our Wednesday night activities – Adult Bible Study lead by Pastor Jeff at 6:30pm.  Children, middle school and youth activities are also held at 6:30pm.

The Sunday 10AM service will continue to be streamed live on Facebook and You Tube.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still get the service by going to  You can access You Tube on your computer and search for Walker Baptist Church or if you have it on your TV you may search for Walker Baptist Church there.  Pastor Jeff continues his outstanding job of teaching on Wednesday nights.

VBS THE GREAT JUNGLE JOURNEY for children age 4 to completed 5th grade will be held July14 through July18, 6:15 to 8pm. Online sign up will be available later.


God bless.


Daniel Bland, Jay Gasaway, Hunter Hendrix, Jonathan Newberry, Zack Shroeder, Andrew Ulveling, Charles Ulveling


February Birthdays

Michael Shotick, 2/1, Joshua Conwell, 2/5, David Bland, 2/8, Nancy Queen, 2/11, Jennifer Lancaster, 2/24


2023 – 2024 Deacons


Phone Numbers

Greg Jackson, 678-355-8226, Michael Taylor, 770-871-6639, Hunter Owens, 678-756-7511, Avery Edge, 770-238-8005, Keith Little, 706-267-7855, David Bland, 770-289-3718, Jonathan Skelton, 770-846-9895, Randy Garrett, 678-986-0441


Nursery Worker Schedule February – March 2024

February 11, Lynn Skelton, February 18, Christie Johnson, February 25, Peyton Skelton, March 3, Helen Hardy, March 10, Pat Dyer, March 27, Jan Conner, March 24, Nancy Shotick, March 31, Nancy Queen



February 4 – 10, David Bland, 770-289-3718, February 11 – 17, Jonathan Skelton, 770-846-9895,

February 18 – 24, Greg Jackson, 678-355-8226, February 25 – March 2, Randy Garrett, 67/-986-0441.